Learn the Garba steps eager to match steps with dancers

Vadodara is known for its traditional garba and every year foreign citizens from various countries visit the city to know the culture and matching steps with the dancers. A 12 member delegate from places like Switzerland, Germany and Austria is in Vadodara to learn the steps and understand the culture of worshipping Maa Amba through traditional garba.

The team members learn the steps from Dr. Parul Shah and are eager to matching steps with the dancers inside the garba venues. They are waiting for the opportunity for long and finally able to contact Dr. Parul and learn steps from her.

“We are searching for a teacher and found Dr. Parul Shah after lots of research on the internet. My teacher learn the dance form here and since then I try to find a way to come here. We are happy to be in the city of Vadodara and learn to play garba. We are in India for two weeks and after Vadodara will be around trip of the country to learn different traditions and try to know the country,” said one of the female member of the group.

Another members of the delegation also show their happiness to learn the traditional form of worshipping Maa Amba and enjoying the stay. They are sweating it out to learn the steps under the watchful eyes of Dr. Parul Shah.

“I visited Derbyshire couple of years ago for a Garba workshop there and some of the students uploaded the video online. The members are in talks since then but not find any way to come here. Finally they are here and learn the steps of Teen Taali in the workshop. In Gujarati culture the singing is necessary for garba and hence we make them sing and learn the steps,” said Dr. Shah.

The group will be visiting the famous Navabazaar, various garba venues, temples and other places to know Vadodara more deeply.


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