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11 year old Gunjan requires immediate medical attention

11 year old Gunjan requires immediate medical attention

Gunjan bought along plenty of joy to her family at the time of her birth. However things took a tragic turn 11 months after she was born. Gunjan faced complete Kidney failure. Gunjan’s father rushed her to Delhi for better treatment. He is staying in a Dharamshala in Delhi at Rs.50 per day.

Gunjan has to undergo Dialysis every alternate day in AIIMS. Her father hasn’t been able to open his small shop back in their village and is devoid of the meagre 20000 rupees he managed to earn every month. The treatment however isn’t working and hell broke loose on her family when doctors told them that Gunjan needs a kidney transplant on an urgent basis.

Gunjan’s father already is in a debt of Rs. 2.5 lakhs which he borrowed from his friends and family, for her treatment. In addition to this, Gunjan’s father needs to gather Rs. 20 lakh for the kidney transplant. With all his savings gone, no present income and borrowings from family and friends that he needs to return, he has no idea, how to raise the money.

In order to raise money for Gunjan’s Kidney transplant, Humans of Bombay have started a fundraiser campaign on and have so far raised Rs. 11 lakhs in 4 days. Gunjan and his father eagerly await this miracle to happen and lead a normal and healthy life soon.

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