Delhi High Court and NGT have expressed concern over the deteriorating situation of pollution in Delhi. All the schools have been closed till 12th November. The Delhi government is launching OD-EV to reduce pollution. At the same time, a 11-year-old girl studying at Shriram School in Delhi has written a letter to the Prime Minister about the worsening condition of pollution.

The 11-year-old Vidya, who is studying in Shriram School, wrote a letter to PM Modi saying that she is worried that due to pollution, her school’s tour and sports day may not be cancelled. She said that she can not go out of the house and she can not find a proper childhood.

Vidya has asked PM Modi to save her from this pollution crisis which is going deeper in Delhi. She said that it is better to go to school and study else work online and sit at home.

The 11-year-old girl said in a letter that we should be more eco-friendly. Vidya said, “We can buy masks but what are for those who live on the roads?” Because they do not have these facilities.



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