100 year old Banyan tree fell on parked vehicles in Vadodara


A more than 100 year old Banyan tree fell with a big thud in Mahavat Falia of the Hathikhana area of Vadodara city on Tuesday morning. The tree fell on the Parked vehicles there and the residents had a sigh of relief as no one was there during the incident.

Heavy rains in Vadodara couple of days ago result in waterlogging in many areas and also the main roads developed big pot holes. The rains however didn’t stop and continues slowly. The big trees also got wet in the rains and proved a danger to the nearby residents as it might give way anytime.

Such an incident happened on Tuesday at Hathikhana Mahavat Falia where 100 years old tree fell around 11am on two cars, two scooters and one cabin. One Tavera and Wagon R along with one bike and one scooter was damaged after the big tree fell on them.

People rushed to the spot after the tree fell and eagerly looks for anyone trapped inside. However they had a sigh of relief after they found no one present at the spot at the time.



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