On the auspisious day of Dussehra about 100 people changed their religion and accepted Buddhism at the Sankalp Bhumi inside Kamatibaug Vadodara. Last week BSP Supremo Mayawati said in the public meeting here in city about the change if the Hindus don’t stop trouble them.

Bharat Ratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedakar took pledge to work for the benefit of lower cast people in Vadodara. On the same Sankalp Bhumi Madhusudan Rohit from Schedule cast, Narayan Acharya, advocate Divyani Bodh along with 100 people changed to Buddhism on Dussehra.

Bodh Bhikshuk from Porbandar Pragyaratna specially came to Vadodara and perform the rituals. Madhusudan Rohit from BSP said on the auspisious day of Dasherra 100 people from the schedule caste changed to Buddhism. He further said the religion which don’t count you as human being there is no need to be there and hence they turned to Buddhism.

Last week the city witness 100 years celebration of the Sankalp bhumi where Dr. Babasaheb Ambedakar pledge to work for the lower caste. BSP Supremo during her visit to the city threaten to change to Buddhism if the atrocities on lower caste people don’t stop.

After a week on Dusshera around 100 people changed to Buddhism which became talk of the town in the city. The buzz is also there that many more will change to Buddhism in coming days.