A mentally challenged 10 years old minor girl from Chokari village in Padra was physically abused by some unknown person last night. On Tuesday morning the incident came to light and the girl was referred to the SSG hospital for medical examination.

Neighbour of the girl said that the girl was crying inside her home and said that some unknown persons has physically abused her forcefully. After that the girl was taken to the SSG hospital in the 108 ambulance for medical examination.

The neighbour further said that the girl is mentally unstable so as her parents. The accused who commit this heinous crime is also unknown.

However Padra police PSI S.A. Desai reached the SSG hospital with his staff after the news and trying to access the details from the girl and her neighbour who bring her to the hospital.

PSI S.A. Desai said that the girl is not in the position to speak and she is admitted in the SSG hospital for treatment. Medical examination is also done to know if the girl is physically abused or not. As her parents are also not mentally stable so from them they don’t get any details about the incident.

After the doctor’s report the police will start the investigation and the culprit will not be spared. Police now investigate the matter after taking the statement of the neighbour.