Aadhaar card and health card tag for about 4 lakh cattle and buffalo

On one hand, the Animal Husbandry Department is keeping strict vigil against bird flu. Along with this, under the National Animal Disease Control Program of the Government of India, work is underway to affix Aadhaar card and health card tag for cows and buffaloes in the district.

Dr. Prakash Darji, Deputy Director, Animal Husbandry, Vadodara District Panchayat informed that teams have been formed to tag the ears of cattle under the above program from November 2019. About 4 lakh cows and buffaloes are eligible for tagging in the district and it is estimated that more than 1 lakh animals have been tagged so far.

Under this campaign, portal of the Government of India registers in detail the various types of vaccines given to the animal concerned, the prevailing diseases, the identification of the animals, when the deworming was given and a special tag made corresponding to that which is affixed to that animal. This is a very comprehensive and labor intensive operation.

This tag will make it easier for owners to assist in the event of a natural disaster. Along with this all the information of animal health and identity will be available with the department. Thus, this tag will meet the need for a support co-health card for that animal.

He said that Kharwasa Mowasa disease in particular makes the animals physically weak, and reduces milk production as well as quality.

Its impact hinders the export of livestock products. With all these in mind, under the above program, the Prime Minister has set a target of eradicating Kharwasa Mowasa cattle disease by 2025, as part of which a comprehensive and comprehensive operation including tagging has been carried out.

This tag based information repository is going to be very useful especially in planning to protect or increase the health and productivity of milch cows and buffaloes. Dr. Darji requested the cattle owners of the district to co operate with the team working on tagging to provide proper cooperation and accurate information.


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