High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) is now mandatory for the vehicle owners in view of security reasons as well as government rules. In Gujarat FTA HSRP Solutions Private Limited is engaged in manufacturing the plates and having their facility in Gandhinagar. However according to them about 1.80 crore old vehicles are still not install HSRP plates in Gujarat and for that the people need to get aware about it.

Since 2012 the company is manufacturing the HSRP for the 38 RTO’s in Gujarat and fitted plates in total 72 Lakhs vehicles all together. However there is little awareness about the importance of such plates which shows that about 1.80 crore old vehicles are still carries the old plates. The FTA HSRP is now try to aware people about to install HSRP for safety of their vehicles.HSRP “We are here in Gujarat for the last 4 and half years and supplying HSRP to RTO’s in Gujarat. The new vehicles were already installed the HSRP but the worry factor is the old vehicles which are about 1.80 crore in Gujarat are yet to change to the high security plates. We hereby now starting aware the public about the importance and starting seminars and visit school and colleges,” said Praveen Upadhyay Head Gujarat operations.


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